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Physical Exams And Internal Medicine

Our doctors perform a complete physical examination with each visit. We recommend an exam at least once a year. Our doctors are experienced in all areas of veterinary medicine, including:

  • skin diseases
  • ear infections
  • flea, food and environmental allergies
  • dentistry
  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • urinary tract infections, bladder stones
  • abscesses
  • gastrointestinal diseases (vomiting and diarrhea)
  • foreign body ingestion/obstructions
  • eye diseases, including corneal ulcers, dry eyes, conjunctivitis
  • soft tissue surgery (spays & neuters, lump removals)
  • select orthopedic conditions


anesthesia-1The Aliso Beach Animal Clinic uses the safest anesthetics and state of the art anesthetic machines. The doctors carefully monitor each pet’s heart rate and rhythm with a modern ECG,  blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter, and blood pressure with a modern blood pressure monitor. We also use a heated surgery table and have strict instrument sterilization requirements. All animals receive intravenous fluids during anesthesia to maintain blood pressure and hydration.

Dentistry and Dental X-rays

DentalOur dental cleanings are done with general anesthesia so that we can examine every tooth thoroughly and clean each surface properly. Our experienced technician cleans the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler, cleans under the gum line and applies polish and fluoride. The doctor then examines every tooth to check for decay and disease.  We also take dental x-rays to evaluate tooth roots.  


Our doctors perform many surgeries, including spays, neuters  growth removals and abscess repairs. Our surgeon, Dr. Edgar Church, is able to perform more complicated surgeries, including abdominal exploratories, fracture repairs, gastrotomies, enterotomies and cystotomies.  We are also very experienced in removing foxtails from feet, ears, and noses.

Radiology / Imaging

Radiology / Imaging services at Aliso Beach Animal Clinic in Laguna BeachOur excellent technicians and kennel staff take x-rays of our clients’ pets right in our clinic. Results are ready within minutes. Ultrasound imaging is available by appointment with a consulting ultrasound specialist.



Laboratory services at Aliso Beach Animal Clinic in Laguna BeachOur hospital is equipped with state of the art  blood machines that provide fast, accurate blood results for your pet while you wait.  We also perform complete urinanalysis, fecals, and giardia tests.  More specialized diagnostics and routine lab tests are sent and performed at a professional veterinary laboratory, Antech Diagnostics.


vaccineWe offer a core set of vaccinations for your dog and cat, individualized for your specific needs and risk factors. Most pets are vaccinated for distemper (DHPP for dogs and FVRCP for cats) as puppies and kittens, with a booster at 1 year of age and then every 3 years thereafter. Rabies is required by law in dogs and recommended in any cats that go outside. Bordatella is a contagious “cold” like disease also known as “kennel cough.” It is everywhere in the environment and airborne so we recommend all dogs have this vaccine yearly. We also offer vaccine titers as an alternative to vaccinating your pet.


EuthansiaIf your pet needs euthanasia, we have compassionate staff and doctors for this sad event. This can be done with you and your family present if desired. All pets are cremated by a very reputable outside service and we can have your pet’s ashes returned to us for you to bury at home. Home euthanasia is also available. Please contact us for more information.



bathingOur excellent kennel staff and veterinary assistants enjoy doing routine bathing as well as medicated baths. Each bath includes complimentary ear cleaning, anal gland expression and toe nail trim. We regret we do not have a groomer on premises.



BoardingThe kennel area is perfect for boarding small dogs and cats. We walk the dogs every 2 hours and give all the animals our special attention.  We board pets with special needs, those on insulin and other medications. We can accommodate individual dietary requirements as well.  Note: We like to try out the dogs before they come to board with us to make sure they like it (i.e. do not cry and bark too much)


Medication services at Aliso Beach Animal Clinic in Laguna BeachOur clinic has a wide variety of prescription medications and over the counter products for your pets. If we do not carry a product, we can call an outside pharmacy or have it made at a compounding pharmacy. All prescription medications require a current physical exam (within 12 months) with one of our doctors. 


Prescription Diets

Prescription Diets services at Aliso Beach Animal Clinic in Laguna BeachWe stock many types of prescription diets including Hills, Royal Canin , IAMs Veterinary Diet and Purina. Your pet has many options to chose from if the doctor has it on a prescription diet. For our existing clients we can special order diets as needed.



Emergency services at Aliso Beach Animal Clinic in Laguna BeachEmergencies are welcome during office hours. If we are closed or unavailable, please call

Animal Urgent Care – 949-364-6228
28085 Hillcrest, Mission Viejo CA 92692


VMSG (Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group)- 949-201-4100

31896 Plaza Drive

San Juan Capistrano, CA

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